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The Orkney islands have never stood still and neither do we. Our products are inspired by the constant yet ephemeral qualities of nature.

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Earthenware ceramic candle holder with cork base


Kirsteen Stewart

home styling


Looking for style inspiration for your home?

Kirsteen Stewart, one of very own designers, can bring light, colour and ideas to your home. 

Dine in style


Kitchen & dining

Textured ceramics designed by Robin Palmer create an eye catching statement. Earthy colours and movement in abundance.

Our Story

Bringing island designers to create modern homewares based on an ancient landscape.

One of A Kind

As many of our products are hand crafted, they become unique, individual pieces. Each bears the textures of the fingerprints or tools that have created them. 

Functional Works of Art

It is not just about the look of the finished piece but about creating something that is used as well as loved over many years.

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We are real people, who are here to help you with any questions you have. As a group of designers, we can even create bespoke pieces for you, so just let us know.